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EMDASH is the missing link between: Past – Present – Future.

My name is Andrea Dibelius and my journey with art has led me to strongly believe that art does make a difference – not only in a descriptive, but also in an anticipatory visceral sense. My purpose and inspiration is to continue my exploration into new and exciting artistic movements. Curating projects, working with and underwriting artists, collaborating with partners and bringing these fresh, thought provoking concepts into a space of appreciation and conversation with the purpose of informing the future.

I have discovered that observers of art are impacted on emotional, intellectual, spiritual and, at times, cellular levels. My mission is to move art beyond the descriptive into informing and activating an impetus for change, expressed through the observers game-changing thoughts and actions.

Via EMDASH I have had the opportunity to highlight topical issues from ecology, social community, media, body political, LBGTQ+, racism, identity, human rights, children’s education, poverty, technology, and, ESG standards.

EMDASH has been fortunate enough to enable, sponsor, foster, connect, curate and create opportunities for more than100 Artists and their messages for the Future.

I look forward to continuing the journey of art with you.

Andrea Dibelius

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