Foundation by Andrea Dibelius

As a punctuation mark, an emdash indicates a pause to reflect or review before a clear statement, often before taking a new direction EMDASH is a philanthropic foundation that encourages and enables significant projects with contemporary artists.

Founded by Andrea Dibelius in 2010, EMDASH believes in innovative ideas as expressed through art and interdisciplinary collaborations, and seeks to bring these to a wider audience through its commissions, awards and partner institutions.

The EMDASH foundation encourages artists to think beyond what they’ve done so far, to imagine new ideas and directions in their work. EMDASH wants to make these notions reality, nurturing potential and allowing artists access to wider audiences through the foundation’s networks.

The range of projects EMDASH has and seeks to nourish is highly diverse – stemming from contemporary art but often in surprising ways and in collaboration with non-art world disciplines or organisations.

Through its artist projects, EMDASH strives to create platforms for people from all walks of life to pause, consider and potentially to implement change.

andrea dibelius
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